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The life of a waitress. It’s a love-hate relationship. 

Text 28 Jul 756 notes "The wait’s how long? That’s ridiculous. Can I speak with a manager? Forget it, we’ll just go somewhere else."
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"That table?"

"Yeah them that’s them!"


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Well, I didn’t even get to go a whole day before firing somebody. I hate doing this. It puts somebody in a bad position financially and it really is my last resort.

But she called my hostess a numb cunt (for having the audacity to seat her a 2-top of old ladies after a 3-top of old ladies) and that’s about as disrespectful as it gets.

Hope she’s smarter at her next job.

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1. “good morning! How are y’all doing thi—” “coffee.”
Apparently your mama did not teach you right. Since when is it okay to interrupt? Congrats. You’ve made me hate you right off the bat.

2. “What would you like to drink this morning?” “hmm, I’m not sure yet. I’ll start off with water…

via moon emoji.
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Oh, dear Lord, this is relatable…

The Restaurant - Episode #8

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Idea I came up with while half asleep…
The Reverse Yelp.
Those employed in the food indusrty or customer service write reviews of the customers.
I discussed this with fellow employees and they loved the idea.
Let the fun begin!

Link 28 Jul 3 notes 25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You're A Server»


I fucking lost it at corner

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